Estelle Business Card

Estelle Business Card

The building was an enormous one, rearing its lofty head fully a thousand feet
into the air. But few buildings in Zodanga were higher than these barracks,
though several topped it by a few hundred feet; the docks of the great
battleships of the line standing some fifteen hundred feet from the ground,
while the freight and passenger stations of the merchant squadrons rose nearly



Elegance is the first-ever intelligence layer for email. It filters, highlights, and prompts you to focus on what matters most in your inbox. The challenge was to create a brand experience that communicated approachability and simplicity of use, as opposed to intrusive, coldly technological, or overly complicated. We kept that front-of-mind as we built out this new brand from scratch.


UI/UX Mobile Design


The goal for the website was to bring the look and feel of the brand to the web while creating an easy to navigate, informative site. We took a complex topic and distilled it down to an organizational structure that would make sense to normal people. To make the content easier to digest, we simplified copy and focused on type pairings and typography rules that make reading on the web much easier. The overall aesthetic was meant to convey a sense of tradition while inspiring trust.

“Naix team delivered on every promise. Re-branding was a project we had put off for a while because we knew it would such an undertaking. Naix team made the process seamless and the quality of the work delivered could not have been better. We are so pleased with the outcome and look forward to a continued working relationship with the Naix team.”

- Jhon Terry, ceo of apple -

Denim Style In A6 VSCO

Updated portraits of all Instrument employees for the new Instrument site. A unified look and background
allows photos to mesh seamlessly online. To see it live check out:

Superhero Coming


Having previously worked with Lynda on other projects, she came to us when she was in need of someone to redesign her two new websites. We used the same framework for both Lynda Marie Couture Millinery and FLEUR by Lynda Marie, but customized the design so each stood strongly on its own. Since both businesses focus on great imagery, our main goal was to showcase.

Character Illustration


After launch, brand interaction across all social channels increased. The brand went from having a few hundreds of thousands of followers to over a million in just a few months.

Mobile App

Idea & Concepts

At the early stage of logo development, the designer started to explore the idea of the new healthy lifestyle, new approach to the restaurant business and futuristic service.
From the very beginning, there appeared the concept of red silk ribbon which would convey those associations. As a result of the creative search for the symbol, the designer came up with an idea to take the first letter of the company name and give it an image of the red ribbon and save the futuristic mood that service brings.

Logo Official

The brand experience ties to the history of the space, the
refinement and character of the interiors, the uniqueness of the service,
and the niche industry they occupy.


Business Card

To design business cards, we created a catchy graphic element: the red ribbon which would represent brand’s idea of the new lifestyle.


For minimalistic and stylish look, the envelope design featured solid colors and the simplified version of the logo.


The letterhead followed the general stylistic concept and consistent visual presentation. The designer created the unique and though-out layout of the information.